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There are many different races taking place all over Western Australia that regularly attract tons of avid Aussie trots racing fans. For example, the Pinjarra Harness Racing Club has been the host of some great races each year that are quite desirable for the average Aussie punters. If you are a fan of great horse racing meetings offering the best odds, the Pinjarra trots are definitely something you will not want to miss during the upcoming season.

History of Pinjarra Harness Racing Club

The Pinjarra Harness Racing Club has quite a rich history within the world of horse racing having been founded in 1950. Although originally the location of the club was the Greater Sports Ground until 1959 when the construction of a new track began. The track was officially opened on 11th December 1968. This legendary track is considered by many of the industry? best to be the best track in Western Australia. The track also remains the only in Western Australia with a 1000 metre distance. With many new renovations planned to make the venue even better in 2009, it is bound to be a premier location for the great Pinjarra trots races taking place throughout the year.

Pinjarra Trots

With regular race meetings taking place every Monday, the Pinjarra trots provide more than enough great opportunities throughout the racing season. The official name of the venue is the Pinjarra Paceway, which is the host of some of the best trots racing in Western Australia. The track has circumference of 1000 metres with a home straight of 217 metres and 90 metres of radius turns. The track is able to accommodate racing distances of 1670m, 2170m, 2670m, 2100m, and 2609m. The season typically lasts from 1st September until 30th August and hosts many regular meetings on both Monday? and Sundays as wells a few special events. There are 17 regular events planned for the remainder of 2009 and 22 races planned for the upcoming 2010 season. Some of the record holders for trotters include NACOKEE NZ over a distance of 1670 metres on 05 Oct 2009 with a mile rate of 2:00.0, COUNTESS JILL NZ over a distance of 2170m MS on 27 Oct 2008 with a mile rate of 2:02.6, and JACK THE CAPRICORN NZ over a distance of 2100m on 26 Jan 2009 with a mile rate of 2:03.9.

With a number of great online bookies and wagering venues providing great odds on some the Pinjarra trots races taking place throughout the year so many Aussies will definitely be taking advantage.


There are many different individuals that have been starting to benefit from the excellent online wagering venues provided to Aussie punters nowadays. For example, many smaller local races often provide attractive odds and online venues are usually the best to access these events. The Pinjarra trots have many great events each year for Australian punters including the Alcoa Pinjarra Cup, the Kings Choice (WA) Sprint/Marathon Day, and the Healthway Family Fun Day.